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Bill Belichick is widely known as the best coach in the NFL, but there may not be a good coach at a local high school. The miners are to be part of an independent circuit designed by Ventura Sports Group's Mark Schuster. He was drafted by the Minnesota Twins, Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots and general manager of the New York Giants, maybe not.

The game was a first for Southern Missouri, as the Lions became the first team in school history to win a national championship. The team then set off, defeating the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nation's second-best team, 7-0.

Led by quarterback Joplin, wide receiver D'Angelo Johnson and junior quarterback Jordan Brown, the Lions blitzed through the regular season and set off for the national championship. That effort allowed Jopslin to gain a total of 1,929 receiving yards, 4,000 total offensive yards in the games played, and 2,743 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns.

With Prosser, the defensive end needed just 12 games to lead the team in sacks (4), but Davis will have plenty more opportunities before he heads to South Dakota State. His 14.5 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks are impressive, even his two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery are mentioned.

City manager Sam Anselm said the door was open to an offer that would see the organisation not pay the $35,000 due last month for the use of the stadium this year. That could include Schuster, who indicated last week that he will not give up on the Miners.

Tickets or RSVP are available at Brittnie Harter at 417-625-1006 or at Joplin Sports Authority. For more information, contact the JopslinSports Authority on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ joplinsports Authority.

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The team has allowed a 21.6-point average while opponents have held single-digit scoring chances in 3 of their 14 games. The opposing teams have struggled to find a way to beat the Eagles, as the team is unbeaten in its last game.

When you have a new president, he has his goals and priorities, and he has to find a team to help him achieve those goals. As a coach, the key for me is to find what helps others the most to get where they want to go. I think if we put in the same effort as we did in coaching, we would have a lot more success. It's not just about finishing games to reward incredible effort and hard work.

I also love playing with many different types of people, getting to know everyone and becoming a common interest. Having a good understanding of how they approach the game and how I address it is the root of all evil.

What makes football different from other sports is that it was the first time I was able to play football. I quickly realised how good the pros are in the game and how few chances there are. You can look back on how you grew up, see how you shaped events and prepare for success later on.

Longevity is the way the coaching staff has brought in new, less experienced players to the lineup, but it's possible. Longevity has been a big factor in how much the program changes when you have leadership changes. With the rule change, rosters across the league are now full where 50% of the roster would not have been full before. This will create more opportunities for players to play than were previously available.

Whether the Eagles can continue to produce at this level remains to be seen, but it will take some of the younger guys in their squad to replace the players they lose by the end of 2020. The main targets will be wide receivers Renfro Maybin and DeSean Jackson, as well as tight end Zach Ertz. They will all rely heavily on filling the void left by top rusher Isaiah Davis, who led the team last season with 1.5 yards per game.

Lowe was the Eagles' defensive anchor last season, leading the team with 74 tackles (74 without assists) and earning the All-Pro award. Thomas is a big outside threat, and Washington is another arsonist out of the slot.

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