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Targeted and interested in a rewarding career, increase your potential and become an integral part of the team.

Manage sensitive topics with the utmost professionalism, with an emphasis on the software you download and use. Managing software downloads and usage, maintaining and maintaining relationships with other software developers, and managing sensitive issues when developing downloaded software.

Use and apply the Open Door Policy for the execution of business processes and practices and use it in accordance with the Company's policies and procedures and applicable laws and regulations. Ensure that all products are selected and staged according to the company's policy and procedure. Follow the company's steel standards and guidelines, implement appropriate action plans, follow forklift tracking procedures, follow procedures for handling and disposing of hazardous materials, report and correct unsafe situations to management, and implement safety sweeping measures. Fill out club pick-up orders to help with staging and collection on the day of their pick-up.

If a day is needed for a special occasion, a member may need to take his or her special product to another location, such as a grocery store, department store or other retail store. Merchandising and Stock Associates connect the dots to ensure members find everything they have on their shopping list.

At each location there is a wellness facility that helps you to achieve your health goals. Our platform focuses on the six goals you know and love, and we enable employees to engage and earn rewards for their investments on a daily basis.

The requirements listed below are in addition to the physical requirements of the job, such as physical fitness and physical activity. Physical requirements are what employees must fulfil in order to successfully fulfil the essential requirements of this work.

Various other tasks may include the following, but this may vary by department and may require certification. This position requires the use of a hand tool such as a screwdriver, drill or other hand tools and is required to use them. The task is mentioned in the Assemblyman's job description, if necessary, along with the tasks required for the position. Determine personal protective equipment, apply solder, solder, etc. depending on the position and may require certification.

Coverage of medications and prescription drugs allows you to pay into a pre-tax Health Savings Account (HSA). Owens - Corning helps you take care of your retirement savings by offering a competitive 401 (k) savings plan.

We offer a comprehensive range of services and opportunities that reward our exceptional employees and help them influence our customers and the world around them. Owens - Cornings Added Value - High quality products and services deliver added value to customers in the form of innovative products, innovative services and innovative solutions.

O Owens - Corning employees pride themselves on making a difference, and we will provide an environment that encourages you to open up and make a difference. While you build a nest, you can also share in the long-term success of your business. That's why we've put together a list of benefits that will help you strike the right balance to be successful. We have a life outside work, but we also have to have it, so we offer benefits to improve the lives and health of our employees.

The above information and descriptions are intended to indicate the type of work in each role, and the characteristics of the work environment described here are what employees experience in performing the essential functions of the job. Apply now for a job at O Owens - Corning's Joplin, Missouri, headquarters in St. Louis, MO. The above information is used to indicate what work is being done within each of our employee classifications and the role of each employee in the organization.

This is not intended to include or interpret all the duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of the staff assigned to each task. In order to successfully complete the task, the persons must have the outlined levels of experience to be considered. Career at Owens - Corning offers you the opportunity to expand your competence and achieve your personal and professional goals. Her experience covers a wide range of roles within the company, from sales and marketing to engineering, manufacturing, engineering management and operations.

Provide membership services by recognizing members, identifying their needs, advising and assisting members on self-service technology, assisting with purchasing decisions, locating goods, resolving member issues and concerns, and promoting the company's products and services. Be responsible for ensuring that members find more of what they love for less money. Ensure prominent presentation of promotional and seasonal goods and ensure that all sales and marketing activities, such as promotions, promotions and promotions, are carried out in accordance with the company's policies and procedures. This role will also ensure the quality and availability of packaged goods and the safety and security of goods.